Global Secondary Education

USA Accredited high school program

US HIGH School Diploma

A unique opportunity offered by Swiss American Academy for school students aged 9 – 18, from all over the world, to study at their normal school and to join the SAA from home (ONLINE) not missing home country curriculums.


All subjects taught in English

English Language Speaking Writing Listening Grammar Spelling
Creative writing     SAT Preparation     IELTS Preparation     Project Based Learning     Critical thinking     US History     World
History               World Geography               Fundaments of Medicine     Economics     Philosophy     Sociology     French
USA Government & Civics      Computer Technology     Chemistry     Biology     Physics     Algebra    Geometry

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Swiss American Academy (hereafter referred to as “SAA”) is not just new international institution on the world’s education map that delivers the highest quality teaching to each student, in line with Swiss Educational Standards, in order to prepare them for the worlds best universities.

“SAA” is the modern educational platform where the latest technologies and educational models, such as Blended Learning and Deeper Learning, supported by fundamental and historical educational standards of US, British, Russian, Chinese, Swiss and other nations.

Two Degrees: At home country school graduation the students will receive:
Degree of secondary education of normal (home) school
Accredited US HIGH School Diploma
Models of education: Online – The student join Swiss American academy online, from home, 24 / 7, after classes, during weekdays, holidays and weekends, minimum 3 – 4 hours a week (recommended) and up to 30 hours a week as much as personal time and interest to improve knowledge allowed.

Blended Learning – The student attends scheduled classes (as additional education) at one of the local SAA Authorized centers and got 24 / 7 online access to join SAA from home after classes, during weekdays, holidays and weekends, minimum 3 – 4 hours a week (recommended) and up to 30 hours a week as much as personal time and interest to improve knowledge allowed.

Tuition Fees: Online                                  –    985,00 USD
Blended Learning                – 1 495,00 USD (Online + in Class)
Project Based Learning:  SAA students have unique opportunity to join international projects monitored by teachers and professors from UK & USA colleges and universities as well as be involved in a Swiss mini schools & startups guided by the world wide entrepreneurs.
Monitoring &
Student’s progress:
 SAA students will be monitored by SAA qualified teachers on a monthly bases to improve academic achievement and help to developSelf – study, time management & critical thinking skills.
Subjects personalized  which means that the content was picked with the same interests, learning styles and abilities of each student. Subjects are also individualized, which means that each student has the opportunity to start learning and to move with the speed of an individual, as the development of the program.
The benefits …
  • Improve English language & Critical thinking skills
  • Self motivation and academic progress
  • New society of motivated and educated generation
  • Learn subjects in English and apply for S. High School Diploma
  • Blended learning, Deeper Learning, Project based learning
  • Easy access to modern educational platform
  • Carefully calculated exclusive price
  • SAT / IELTS / TOFEL preparation
  • Life opportunity to start personal career, Startups
  • Scholarships
  • Job placements
  • College counseling

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