17 years

of listening and understanding…

Swiss American Academy

International school in Switzerland

Spectacularly located in heart of the Swiss Alps in Leysin, the Swiss American Academy is a fully-equipped residential boarding school offering a unique educational model: a US-accredited academic program delivered by highly qualified teachers supported by extensive pastoral supervision; a progressive international pedagogy underpinned by the highest educational standards; a healthy and secure location to study and live and countless amenities for sport, leisure and culture.  All of which guarantees the development of successful, critically-thinking and open-minded new generation ready to target the world’s best universities.

Swiss American Academy (hereafter referred to as “SAA”) is not just new international institution on the world’s education map that delivers the highest quality teaching to each student, in line with Swiss Educational Standards, in order to prepare them for the worlds best universities. 

“SAA” is the modern educational platform where the latest technologies and educational models, such as Blended Learning and Deeper Learning, supported by fundamental and historical educational standards of US, British, Russian, Chinese, Swiss and other nations.



The SAA‘s mission is to create the perfect educational system – a hybrid of the finest elements of various international educational models based on the progressive development of general knowledge, combined with high quality English language and modern subject lessons, critical thinking and project-based learning methodologies.

To provide students with an education that maximizes the realization of their individual talents and prepares them for success in a technology and information driven 21st Century economy.




Our intention is to foster self-improvement without sacrificing self-identity; to reach for the stars without losing touch with our essential selves; to transcend the boundaries of current thinking and to tap into the priceless wisdom of previous generations, so maximizing the human potential of each one our students through the implementation of powerfully effective educational systems.