Swiss MINI Schools

Pre-Professional Institutes are rigorous introductions to the academic theories and principles involved in prestigious professional occupations. Although materials are adapted for high school age students, they address subject areas more typically reserved for college and university level studies. Entry to an Institute is optional and by invitation only. Students entering an Institute are committing to an additional 60 hours of study over an academic year.

Swiss MINI Law School

Just like economics, global legal systems are now interconnected and an understanding of International Law is foundational to understanding international politics and business. This program will cover the sources of international law, the use of force, international business transactions, international economic law and the impact of international law in domestic courts

Swiss MINI Medical School

This innovative and stimulating program uses extensive materials from Stanford Medical School to explore DNA, Stem Cells, Microbes, The Development of Human Organs, Nervous & Immune Systems and Disease and allows students to apply their learning to developing a global view of health issues including pandemics and the environment.

Swiss MINI Business School

Students will delve into the steps and considerations in turning an idea into a business, applying lean business startup strategies. Students will develop a business idea and then work on researching the market, weighing the risks, writing a business plan, forecasting financial needs & returns and obtaining funding. Students with viable business concepts may receive support in launching their business in the real world.

Swiss STEM Laboratory

Students will develop and practice the engineering skills and habits of mind that are central to the engineering profession and that distinguish it from other scientific and technical fields. Students collaborate in teams as they learn to quantify systems; apply common engineering tools and techniques; generate and select concepts; embody, test and verify designs; and document and communicate their work.