PRE Middle School

Grade 4 – 6

SAA Lower School introduces new challenges while keeping curiosity alive so students’ true interests and strengths can grow. Surrounded by rich stories and histories—their own, their teachers’, their peers’—students venture outside the borders of their own experience, explore varying identities, and begin to discover their own. As students progress, our dedicated teachers find engaging ways to inspire their inquisitiveness and imagination while guiding them through the mastery of basic and essential concepts. Our students thrive in this learning environment, where it’s okay to make mistakes because perseverance is an essential part of success. 

Middle School

Middle School (7-8)

At Swiss American Academy, the Middle School years overflow with opportunities for learning, with increased expectations for greater independence, organization, and responsibility. Middle School is a time of tremendous growth and change—intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially. Guided by dedicated teachers, coaches, and counselors, our students maximize their individual strengths and develop a sense of self-worth that lasts a lifetime. 

High School

Upper School (9-12)

In our Upper School, we don’t measure a student’s success against an arbitrary standard. Instead, because we know our students so well, we measure their progress against themselves, inspiring them to push beyond their self-imposed limits. We offer incredible opportunities in the arts, service learning, athletics, and othercocurricular activities, all revolving around a unique academic program that truly tailors the experience to each student’s individual abilities, needs, and aspirations.

Academic year

SAA Grade 6                      Pre Middle School                     49 995 CHF (academic year)

SAA Grade 7, 8                   Middle School                     54 995 CHF (per academic year)

SAA Grade 9, 10, 11, 12               High School                        59 995 CHF (per academic year)

IB & IGCSE                                                                    Price will be available in 2018

UK Foundation                                                                     Price will be available in 2018

Full board accommodation

DBL accommodation at Swiss Alpine Centre               35 weeks              14 995 CHF

SGL accommodation at Swiss Alpine Centre               supplement          4 950 CHF

Swiss Mini Schools