Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

STEM education is vital to the future of our children, our world and the promulgation of our faith. STEM is everywhere; it shapes our everyday experiences. Technology is developing exponentially and has already irreversibly changed our world and the manner in which we interact with other people. This is most obvious in the applications of the Internet and its impact upon our daily lives.

Engineering is focused on the design of systems and problem solving. STEM careers are professions that build communities and transform nations. STEM professionals are in charge of solving the complex problems of today’s world and its future. They are working to find solutions for global warming, cancer, third world hunger, disappearing habitats, and an interdependent world economy.

At Swiss American Academy, students are advised on the merits of taking as many math and science courses as possible within a balanced curriculum.

To facilitate all of these objectives, each Swiss American Academy incorporates a start-of-the-art STEM Laboratory allowing faculty to incorporate hands-on cross-curricula design and fabrication activities creating a fusion of Faith, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.