Assessments & Tests

“SAA” tests will be taken every 8th week or twice each term + TERM test.

I TERM   August – December II TERM   January – June
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Grades:  A* – 100% + Projects, A – 95% – 100%, B – 80% – 95%,   C – 75% – 80%,    D – 65 – 75% E, F – Less 65%

Description of the SAA English TEST (Sample)

The SAA TEST consists of 70 Multiple-Choice tests and 5 Constructed Response.

English 75 questions 60 minutes

This test is designed to check teachers on making inferences and drawing conclusions, identifying recurrent themes, comprehending themes, finding out the elements of story, understanding the features of drama, identifying figurative language, differentiating connotation and denotation, identifying main idea, analysing point of view, comparing and contrasting elements in multiple genres, identifying the impact of author’s lives on themes, identifying the strategies to comprehend informational texts, identifying connections in text, understanding key vocabulary, understanding the significance of literary devices, analysing stated arguments, identifying purpose and audience, understanding research process, using information sources, analysing renown themes, understanding argumentative writing – the strengths, weaknesses, revision, word choice, and conclusion, understanding style, tone, language, writing expository pieces, writing narrative pieces, familiarizing with the proper bibliographical formats, differentiating primary and secondary sources, understanding various punctuation marks, writing varied sentences, familiarizing the types of context clues, and understanding the various standard literary elements.