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SAA Online Gareth N. Genner
21st Century Modern Pedagogy


“Swiss American Academy” offers families a unique, high-quality educational model. SAA is designed to prepare students to succeed in the 21st Century global economy by providing “Deeper Learning By Design”, ensuring that students master core academic curriculum (more…)


SAA Online Joel Roderick
Your NEW lifestyle…

Swiss American Academy SA

The Swiss American Academy represents the realisation of a goal that has imbued every aspect of experience within international education over the last twenty years, the chance to develop young minds so that they can succeed in life as well as in exams. Our approach is (more…)


SAA Online Ed Ivy
45 years experience of building strong personality

Village Campus SA

I am delighted to have the opportunity to deploy the fantastic facilities of Alpine centre and the astonishing natural resources of the surrounding region towards our objective of training young minds and bodies for the exciting challenges that face them in the 21st Century. (more…)


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